Rolfing® Structural Integration – English

What is Rolfing® – Structural Integration

Taking care of the body as a whole is more efficient than treating locally.

Rolfing® – Structural Integration is a method that aims to equalize the stresses of a very important tissue of the body, the fascia. It is it that sustains and balances our body structure so that we can stand and move. Within the method we observe how the person relates to gravity and its posture.

When this tissue is not properly balanced and organized, we feel pain and difficulty in moving and Rolfing is indicated for all who wish to have a better quality of life, without pain and with better movement and mental efficiency.

Several pathologies of the body can be improved, such as joint pains (knee, spine, hips, among several others), headaches, myofascial pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, however the concern of the work is to evoke the health of the individual as a whole and the makes it the result of better body organization.

Some questions and answers:


  • Each session costs R$ 340.00.
  • The payment can be made with debit cards, check, money or bank transfer.
  • The sessions are always paid individually at the end of each one.

Health Insurances and Refunds:

  • Unfortunately, in Brazil, health insurances do not accept Rolfing for reimbursement. Some companies offer reimbursement of certain expenses on your payroll, consult your Human Resources department.


  • The duration is one hour, on average.


  • Traditionally sessions are weekly, but there may be more space between them if needed.

Does Rolfing bodywork hurts?
The Rolfing kind of touch should not cause pain, as the fascia retracts when there is pain or excessive pressure. Some stiff fascial layers may cause a slight burning sensation but do not cause great discomfort.

How many sessions do I need to get well?
Traditionally the process lasts between from 10 to 15 sessions, where in each session a body territory its funcitional objectives, such as breathing, is explored. As it is a process of “education” of the body, each of us has a rhythm and a process.

How is the first session?
The first session consists of a detailed interview on the client’s condition and the individual needs and expectations of the process. After that, a conversation about the strategies and individual plans, we already have a first manipulation on the table.

How is the manipulation done? What should I wear?
The touch is delicate and smooth, usually on a massage table, respecting the limits of the client. The exchange of information during the process is very important, so that you know the sensations that emerge during the session. The ideal is that the skin of the whole body is accessible to receive manual contact, women can wear a shorts or top and men a shorts or swimwear if it feels confortable.

Do I already feel something change in the first session?
Most clients already feel very well and with significant reduction of pain at the end of the first session. But as we are different from each other, perceptions may vary.

Are there any contraindications for the sessions?
Patients undergoing cancer treatment  should consult their physician as well as pregnant women, especially in the first trimester. More specific questions can be brought in the first session.

About the therapist:

Bruno Fernandes Bernardes has been working with Movement Education for 10 years.  Certified as Rolfer and Rolf Movement Practitioner by the Rolf Institute, Boulder USA. He is also Yoga teacher, specialist in Biomechanics and Locomotor Physiology by HC-FMUSP, Chiropractor, studied Cranio Sacral Therapy at Upledger Institute .


In Itaim Bibi, easy access for those who come from the Region of Avenida Faria Lima and Pinheiros, as well as who descends from Jardins and the region of Av. Paulista.

Rua Bandeira Paulista, 727 – Cj. 83 – Itaim Bibi – Sao Paulo – SP

In Brooklin, easy access from Marginal Pinheiros.
Rua Jaceru, 384 – Cj. 1309 – Brooklin – São Paulo – SP


For questions or to request any other  information, you can call or send a message through the following contacts or use the form below: Feel free to ask anything about the website, as this is the only page in english.

email: bruno@centroviveka.com.br
Phone/Whatsapp: (11) 96500-4400 with Bruno

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